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The Himalayan Times website Hacked

Nepal's most frequently updated news portal The Himalayan Times is hacked by Anonymous Philippines. Although the host server of thehimalayantimes.com seems to be in United States,the security of the site was breached citing the reason of incompetence governance by Filipino Government.According to Hostcabi,the server of  Nepal’s popular newsportal is located in Seattle,United States and is hosted by SoftLayer Technologies
The message in the website goes like this:
Greetings citizens of the Philippines. We are Anonymous.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but this is the only easiest way we could convey our message to you, 
our dear brothers and sisters who are tired of this cruelty and this false democracy, tired of this government
and the politicians who only think about themselves.

The government, in many ways, has failed its Filipino citizens.
We have been deprived of things which they have promised to give; what our late heroes have promised us to give. 
Let us remind the government that fairness, justice and freedom are more than words. They are perspectives. 

A march is happening, a revolution. A way to speak, a way to be heard.
On the fifth day of November, 2013, we will try to be a part of the history.

But of course there are those who do not want us to speak, and those who have doubts.
You can sleep, sit, go on with your everyday routine just like a herd of sheep and watch as the government laugh at you.
But if you see what we see, if you feel as we feel, and if you would seek as we seek... then we ask you to stand beside us,
this fifth of November outside Batasang Pambansa and let us march our way to freedom - a freedom from the shackles
of the Government.

You have been called; and by watching, you have been chosen.

To the "incorrupt" officials of the government, we are challenging you!
Join us!

The Corrupt - Fear us.
The Honest - Support us.
The Heroic - Join us.

We are Anonymous.
We are ONE.
The government, you are NONE.

We are legion. 
On the 5th of November, Government - Hear and understand us, or EXPECT US!
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3 ways a chatroom will increase your site traffic

Gaining greater exposure for your site, and having visitors spend more time on your page is something that probably requires your attention from time to time. In this post I will explain about RumbleTalk unique social chatroom widget that will not only help make your site more visible but also encourages visitors to spend more time on each page.

Here are 3 ways in which you can use the RumbleTalk socialchatroom to your advantage.

1.     Create Fresh content and improve your SEO

SEO plays a major part in havingyour page show up better in search engines. SEO consists of several adjustments to your site, but the KING of all is content. Fresh content is a major factor in having your page appears higher in search engines.

So what if I told you that there is an easy way to create fresh content for your site?
What if I told you that your page visitors can create this content for you?

This is how:
a.    Add a socialchatroom to your page.
b.    Let users discuss topics on your page and savechatroom history.
c.    Copy the chatroom transcript (after deleting non relevant staff).
d.    Add the transcript into your sitepage.

It is simple and many sites and blogs are taking advantage of socialchatroom with the ability to save chatroom history (archive). Nevertheless people are sometimes reluctant to add a chatroom because of Spammers. The RumbleTalk plugin solvesthis problem in two ways:
1.     Once you create your chatroom you have the ability to restrict chatroomters to use only their Facebook and twitter profiles to login. This will reduce spam by 90% and will make sure your chatroom is not accessed by trolls.
2.     In order to assure chatroomters will not use “bad words”, a chatroom owner can create a list of banned words and sentences to prevent users from spamming and being abusive.

2.     Chatroom users stay 4 times longer on a web page

Peopleare now aware of the fact that a socialchatroomat your pagegives an extra reason for users to come back to your page, time after time.

The way to add a socialchatroom issimple, just signup at Rumbletalk get your code and add it to your site.

We recommend that you set events and ask your audience questions to encourage engagement and let them express themselves freely.

3.     Let your audience Invite their friends to the website

RumbleTalk has twopageboosters that help you gain a bigger audience and spread the word via social media. These two ways include inviting friends and sharing content from chatrooms.

a.     Invite friends to chatroom: Your chatroomters have the option to invite their friends to the conversation. They can invite their Facebook friends or their twitter followers.
invite friends

b.     Share chatroom content in social networks: Your chatroomters can send part of the conversation to their Facebook and twitter friends.

This Guest Post was Contributed by Eyal Misk , CEO of  Rumbletalk
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Blogging for Product Promotion - Essential Tips & Tricks

Internet is a place that is filled with millions of web pages and new websites get added on a daily basis. To make your website appear on the search engine result, several methods are practiced. The best way to promote your product is by blogging. Blogging might sound like a simple task, but it involves plenty of healthy practices. To increase your blogging experience and to make the most out of it, a few simple tips and tricks will come handy.

Treat each blog as a product

When writing blog posts continuously, chances are high that you get monotonous and produce posts that are poor in quality. This will pose great risk to your business. The simple trick to overcome this factor is by treating each blog that you write as a product. This allows you to focus more on the subject matter and the unique qualities. You must keep in mind that:

• Products are useful only when there is a demand for it. Implement this in your blog post and create a need in the customer to get involved with your blog.

• Products have money value. Will people pay money for your blog? Change the quality of the post by doing plenty of research on the topic and deliver valuable opinions and ideas.

Add personal touch to the media contents

When you create media contents, it will mostly be related to your product or brand. Media contents are good at attracting more visitors than texts as people love viewing videos and images.

• Try using your own video and image in the blog as it enhances SEO when the picture is relevant than any common picture that has appeared several times on the World Wide Web.

• Incorporate graphs and data related to the blog topic.

• Try experimenting on watermarks along with the name of the business and URL.

• Save videos and images with keyword rich captions and descriptions.

Build a healthy relationship with the target market

Stop selling your brand or product on every blog post. This will only aggravate the visitor and you end up losing potential customers. Build a healthy relationship with them by:

• Inviting employees and visitors for an interaction on the blog.

• Encouraging close friends and relatives to post their comments on the blog and try initiating a conversation.

• Conduct surveys to find the exact requirement of your customer.

• Be open to positive and negative feedbacks from the visitors and try fixing the one’s they are not comfortable with.
These steps help you to interact and also to know the pulse of the customers. Now, you can portray your product at better angles.

Follow a standard information architecture pattern

Information architecture is as important as the content of your blog post. You need to pay attention to the structure as that plays a role in attracting a visitor. Some tips that you need to keep in mind are:
• Clear navigation
• Visible headers
• Tags and categories so that you deliver an organized content
The highlights of your brand or product must never miss the eye of a visitor.
These few tricks when implemented will help you to taste success in blogging for product promotion.

This is a guest post is brought to you by Samantha Kirk, a writer for AT&T U Verse. Samantha provides up to date content and information for AT&T.

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List of important Gadgets or tools required for blogging

About blogging

The easiest way to earn sufficient money by just sitting at home is blogging. Working from home is very useful and profitable as it does not need the cost of renting any other place for installing the office tools. You can just use the place of your own house and perform the work and earn sufficient money. Blogging requires some tools or gadgets to start up your profession as a blogger as an initial and one time investment. Today the business of blogging has grown much higher and people all over are tending to leave their job and start up a business of blogging. Some people are also continuing with their job along with the blogging as a part time job; thus adding extra money in their account.

Why gadgets are required for blogging?

The field of blogging requires you to be updated with information so as to maintain your position and knowledge one step ahead of the clients. And in the process of keeping yourself informative, you require some useful gadgets. The most useful gadgets required to start the business of blogging will be discussed here.

What are the gadgets necessary?

Laptop or a netbook and smartphones: The bloggers who are professionals keep themselves updated 24/7 and remains online throughout. This implies that they need a portable device that they can carry easily wherever they go. So for this a laptop or a netbook is the optimum solution. One does not need to buy an expensive one, presence of the basic requirements in the laptop are enough to start the business of blogging. The basic specifications include the screen size of 15 or 17 inches of the laptop or the netbook of 10 inches is more than sufficient. The processor with latest technology is recommended and the RAM with at least 2GB. You may grab other specifications depending on your budget. The smart phones give you a smarter way to keep your clients updated via communication. Some apps which can be installed in your smartphones can really bring a difference to your blogging business.
External hard drive is another gadget required to make the work of blogging easier. The blogging requires lots of data, for which hard drives are necessary. Cloud computing is an option to store large amount of data but it has a security problem as it can be hacked by anyone. And the hacker may hack the information or may even delete the data. So for security personal hard drives are necessary for storage purpose. Wireless router or a data card is a must for blogging. It is impossible to blog without the connection of internet and wireless connection is necessary as you need a device that is portable. Scanner or printers are also required. Printing the important documents and going through it is helpful rather sitting in front if the computer screen. Scanner is required to upload important images or any content from the magazines or newspaper. Other requirements of gadgets for blogging are a MIC, digital cam or a handy cam and a tablet is also required.
It is always a good option to keep you updated with the change of technology. And these technologies are the only best option for the professional bloggers to adapt themselves in their field of work.

This Guest Post was contributed by Kathryn who is the author  for  Chrisalex Corp. She has last written her guest post  for the website Ageme.com.
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How To Make Your Own PowerPoint Template

Sometimes it is not the actual data and information that make or break your presentation, but the actual presentation itself. The default templates that come packed with your Microsoft Powerpoint software are not necessarily helpful, they are actually detrimental in some cases. They are meant for bland, bullet point presentations that are only helpful if you do the talking without presenting images, graphs, or any other visual information.
You can always opt to signing on MS Office trainings and seminars. Some government agencies offer these services. There are also private entities that specialize in honing office productivity suite skills. Or, you can always ask a friend or a relative that knows the ins and outs of MS Office. If all hopes are lost, there is the Internet.
Still, you can always start somewhere and that should be creating your own template for your presentation needs in the future. First, you should be able to have tools like Photoshop. Learning Photoshop is a whole new world, and it is worth noting that Photoshop is harder to learn than PowerPoint. So, it’s kind of confusing if you don’t know how to make PowerPoint templates, and at the same time, you are a Photoshop expert. Nevertheless, just use any of the image editing software you have. And if you don’t have Photoshop, there few alternatives like GIMP and Paint.net. Here are some the tips.

• White Space

Do not cramp your templates with so many background images. Also, put in white space as much as possible for the text, image, and other valuable information you might share. Emphasis on white, unless you’d want to blind the audience with white text on black background, invests in white real state. Content first, design later.

Create Variants of Your Template
Regardless of what your purposes for your presentation are, be it business, education, or personal, try making variants of your templates so that it won’t be the same thing all over again. Try
Make a few variations of the template for a little bit of surprise every now and then. Always remember, familiarity breeds contempt. 

Divide the House
In making the templates, you must use different kinds of “pages” for every part of the presentation. The title screen should be different from your main information screen and conclusion screen. There should be a progress marker on your presentation, like how colors scheme change in accordance to the ROYGBV, just to make the audience know if your presentation is at the beginning or about to end.

If you are presenting a complex presentation with additional information, link them up. You can make a hyperlink between presentations. If the information is not that crucial, but still necessary, you can create a separate presentation not included in the normal flow of your template. Create an entirely separate template for moments like this. Make it a lighter template, less flashy, and void of additional distracting elements like animation and striking images.

This Guest Post was contributed by Sarah Del Rosario who is a Professional writer. She currently partners with  officekonsulenterne , offer off-site seminar for your PowerPoint training.
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